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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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significant amount of paperwork and moving the process along. and 13, 14, the board had already approved another building inspector effective october of this year. and then we are asking for another one so in essence, between current year, with the two, we will have four new ones. >> okay >> including the current year. so we are focusing in trying to get additional people, at the workforce to be able to handle it. >> and just to continue. as you were indicating, mr. chair is that each one of these, you know, these outstanding, effect the 49 million or whatever million we should be receiving in fees and then in service costs is that not right?
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>> the nrv does not typically bring in any money, we end up putting in we put in a assessment against their property tax so that they can't and that is if you are already broke, there are, you know, if you are already in bankruptcy, it is difficult to get any more. they can also result in being referred to the city attorney's office. sometimes is that after several years, brings in funding and that essentially offsets the city attorney's work to get to that. i don't think that it is a money maker or set up to be that way. but, it is, you know, part of of our mission, and based on your concern and the board of supervisors concern we are trying to putoer resources into that. >> okay, thank you.
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>> thank you, deputy director. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> i have a question on the over all budget plan. >> and workforce. i was wondering if the budget takes into account any additional employees that are needed when they are mandatory retrofit program starts and if it does not, i am wondering what we are going to do, do we need more employees when that happens. >> the commissioner, we already included a couple of inspectors and clerks into that, because of 5,000 buildings, by the time that it is coming in we needed to, you know, monetary and also review it and inspect it.
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>> several of the positions that we are asking for, have a permit of their, you know, their need, their justification, it is the mandatory story. >> you know, when that set program gets put together and is reduced to writing. obviously, we would revisit it, but at this point of time this is what the management felt that they needed in order to be able to get there. >> is there any more questions for the deputy director?
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>> sorry. >> just my question is you indicated this was the first reading, so to speak so the process is that you have to have it ready and approved by what date? >> so the budget has to be submitted to the mayor's office on february 21st. but you guys have to approve it a lot, you know, several weeks before that to give us enough time to be able to have the budget that we submit reflect what you have approved. i believe that there is a special meeting on this. >> yes, we were just discussing that. the second that has and the individual that is going to take action is going to be december second at 9:00 and i will send out reminders regarding that meeting and it
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requires, five votes. and passed the budget. >> so, for some of us newer commissioners, as we bring this home continue and go through everything. and we have questions, is it i mean this is more procedurally, are we okay to contact you directly? or do we have to hold our questions for the commission? >> because of the timing situation, you know, that we are under here. if somebody came up with a question that could not be answered on the 7th? >> from the city attorney's office. the commissioners are free to speak with the staff and raise questions, the only issue is those situations that might constitute a brown act violation and so you could not have a quorum, for example, of this which would be four members sit down and try and
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address issues or ask particular kinds of questions that would possibly lead to a decision about how you might vote on it in advance. so you could, if you wanted to meet in person, with pam or have phone calls with some of you, that is fine as long as you are getting factual information. >> and not making the decision on anything. >> okay. >> in the past, what we have asked is that you provide questions to sonya and you can call me but if you want additional information provided and we wanted to have you provide the questions and sonya and then i could come back with the information that you needed to make your decision. >> but, the code does require that or the charter that requires that there be two meetings on the budget and the regular meeting is for us to be able to submit the information.
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and so what essentially, what we asked in the next week if that is reasonable for you to send any additional what you need to make your final decision. >> and i will go through sonya and we will do the bullet points and you will address those questions accordingly. >> i think that, in order to make sure that everybody is hearing exactly the same thing, i have always preferred in all of the positions that i have held doing the budget and i have preferred that there be something in writing and we can provide it so that any conversation that you had with me, i would have to provide the response to everybody. so if we can do it, i mean if there is something really
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simple. maybe, math or something, but it seems like everybody wants to hear the same thing. >> commissioners, is everybody good on that? >> so can we, i don't have a calendar in front of me. can we say within the next by next wednesday which should be the >> 23rd. >> the 23rd. thank you. >> by the 23rd that you could provide your questions? and then, if there is a clarification, if i don't understand what you are asking, i might contact you to make sure that or that you will contact you to make sure that we are addressing it, what you are asking? >> but... >> it sounds good. >> okay. everybody is clear on that >> okay. thank you, deputy director, if there is any more testimony on the budget?
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>> is there any public comment on item seven in >> i see, two. >> i am on the 2012, 2013 civil grand jury, and i noted that there were some wonderful goals regarding the budget, but i also read and i also know from previous reports that we have read, that technology and the enhanced use of auto maition and technology have been a recurring theme for the department of building and inspection and i didn't see any emphasis and there was no mention of that in terms of the budget or at least not with any emphasis, i also note having red last year's grand jury report that the city has a very, very poor track record of implementing technology and yet, it seems to have been established that you know, hand
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held devices in the field, and better coordination of records from different departments that there are a wide variety of ways that technology could improve the efficiency of the staff, and the customer service, if you will. so i wondered, where that is in the budget, and what safe guards that the technology could be properly implemented. >> thank you. >> hi, again, robert, i was just wondering about the comments of the open notices of violation. and my question is how are the down stream effects not relevant? the permits that are applied for the inspection fees, the reinspection fees? i mean, if you look at the james blanding case the bay view property management that was an $800,000 settlement for the city and the city's benefit.
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and it was all related to novs. >> thank you. >> is there any more public comment? >> seeing none. >> item number eight? >> actually i have just one question. pam, could you, with regard to the technology, the budget side of things, i mean that i know that we are going through the permit tracking system what i am learning is that it takes time to get there. with these. but i mean, i believe that we are if somebody could talk with regard to that. and the budget and how you feel about are we doing a good job of making sure that the funds are there? and the next question is why is it, you know, it is in place, right? where a lot of these programs that efficiency programs are coming down the line but it is taking time to get there, right? >> so i will talk in terms of the budget. pam talked to you although it is part of the next group. >> part of the next presentation. >> if it is okay.
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>> but, yeah if it is part of the next presentation if that is okay with the public comment, there then we will answer those questions. with regard to the budget maybe you can. >> over the years, we have been funding starting several years ago, i mean that the individual who came up is correct that in the last grand jury report that was done on dbi one of the things is that we need to address technology and we have been doing that over the years. the funding is already existing within the budget, so to be able to talk about it a lot is some what redundant. but we have money set aside and sufficient funds set aside for the permit tracking system. we are doing a project that we are sharing the funds and we have sufficient funds set aside for upgrading all of our servers and putting them in a
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room that they can exist and be best taken care of that includes working with hsa and planning on being co-existing in that room which is a goal of the city. >> we have the permit tracking system he can talk to you about the mobile devices. we have upgraded all of our computers and we have replaced them in the last couple of years. we have done quite a bit and so, we felt that we needed to be or to get, all those projects done before we start new ones. now the digitization is kind of like a technology project. it is not 100 percent, what it is is it is taking, our apiture
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cards or micro film and putting into a digital format that can run through our program and be able to provide the information to our our reports and other types of reports. that is budgeted on a agoing basis, nr is a transfer of funding for that project. we are, we have put out an rfp, i believe last year, we have a contract with a vendor to do it. we need to hire some in-house staff for that project. so all of that is set aside, the positions are authorized there is not anything that we need to include in this two-year budget that is new for that. so i think that we are addressing what we need to do right now. and we are trying to you know, basically, implement all of
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those projects before this kind of requesting and then going through the justification for it, when we are not sure, you know, we know that it is not that we are not sure, that we know where we are in it and we are going to be right now. so yes, i believe that we are taken care of. >> okay. >> thank you. >> okay. item number eight, director's report, update on dbi's finances. >> i'm gale from the acting finance manager. and we have been talking about budgets, so our finance report for this year our revenue in our budget is after of our projections so as deputy director said that we are seeing the charges for services are up 12 percent over the budget. so if you look at the graph it says that we have received 75 percent of what we are budgeted
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for this year. our services are cycle cal and so we expect the winter months to be slower and kickback up in the spring. but right now we have received 75 percent of what we budgeted for the year. so it is showing quite high. we also see that the apartment rental, and unit hotel license is still showing as 0. we collect that fee with property taxes, so paid them all last month and you will probably or should start seeing that revenue stream next month's report. so we will have a good idea of where we will be just the budget and we are expecting to get 100 percent but we have not seen any of the money yet. >> and our other category is still moving along where it should be, and we are 50 percent through the year and 52 percent of the funds. so really charges for services is the only big change that stands out in the budget. >> if you look at the expense
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side, our employees salaries infridge is 41 percent and we would expect 50 at the end of december. as you know we working on the hiring plan and getting things filled. we do expect to end the year with savings in salary. right now we are saying about $2 million. if we do get all of those positions hired in the next few months like we expect, that percentage should rise. but we will definitely have savings there because it is taking longer to finish the hiring process than we had originally budgeted. you will also see the non-personal services are slightly lower. along with services of other departments. services of other departments is our work orders. they normally get billed quarterly, so this month we are getting billed for the first half of the year so it should catch up. i was looking at our quarter report and it is where we would expect. i am not projecting any savings, year end in either of those categories. we do have the cast training
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next week, so we will start seeing bills for the training that we are already providing, while we are not at 50 percent, i do expect that we will catch up over the next few months. so, also, in the report, if you look at the expenditures it shows that the expenditures are lower than the expenditures by 11/12 and this year is lower than last year, that is because of the transfer, and as she was mentioning with the it projects we put the money on the budget and transfer them into the budget projects where the money stays and does not expire at the end of the year. last year we did a transfer in december, with the 3.8 million and this year we do not have that transfer, so it is showing funny when you look at this year compared to last year, but if you look at the expense and not some of the special things we are right where we would expect to be for the year. >> that is basically it for the
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finance report. in eany questions? >> happy days. >> 12 percent, that is good. thank you. >> thank you. >> item 8 b, update on proposed legislation in >> good morning, commissioners, bill stern legislative and public affairs. on the permit extension, legislation that i told you about last month, that was successfully heard at land use just this past monday. it passed three-0 by the committee and it will be at the full board for its first hearing at the end of this month. so january 29th is what the committee indicated. that will give developers and people doing projects essentially twice as much time for their permits. as you know we started this as
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a public advisory committee recommendation from last year. the bse actually approved this unanimously last march. and by the time that all of the city attorney language and so forth got done, there were some notifications made and we had to make a direction, for example, to the publishing error that incorrectly list ied what we charge for 3 r report and that has been correct and we are complying and making sure that all of our record keeping and copying charge fees comport with sunshine. so that there are not challenges and issues that send us to the sunshine task force. but, essentially, it is giving 720 days instead of 360, so that the people have more time to do their projects and we hope that we will continue to nourish along the economic recovery that we are beginning to see pretty good signs of.
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>> other legislation, and i mentioned last time about the shared housing ordinance that supervisor chui is still pursuing, essentially we are waiting for yet another meeting with the supervisor on that. we do have some issues and concerns about how we would enforce that. given what it would require. and so, i will come back to you if we have more information on that. >> on the grab bar legislation, that the housing inspector talked about last month, i am told that that will be at the land use committee the first monday in february. >> but i guessed rose mary is planning to put together some kind of notification to all of the sro owners to make sure that they understand what this will require and it will require in many cases the meeting of building permit in
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order to install the grab bar safely. so that too is under way. >> is the amendments that we talked about the friendly amendments to make it more user friendly. >> as far as i understand yes, that has been accepted by the supervisors, supervisor maro was the primarily introducers of that. i believe that his office suggested that they were happy to include that. >> okay. >> i don't thifrpg that there is any problem with it other than idon't know if they had meetings with sro owners through trying to make them aware that this will be an an improvement that we will be expected as i believe that the president mentioned last month, that we will give the people a moratorium for at least six months. and so that they have enough time to do it and we will not start issuing novs for non-compliance until everybody is suitablely notified and has an opportunity to take the steps and introduce what needs
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to be done to actually do the work. >> yeah, i think, that is understood. >> yeah. >> and the other aspect of it was the costs that were to take that quite high, verses to work what the cost of the work was going to cost. and we were going to look at that as well. >> right. because if the decision is made by the commission to either reduce that or to wave it i believe that they will have to introduce that to the board similar to the improvements we will need legislation to let us do that. because otherwise the code does not permit us, as you know to wave the fees. >> okay, thank you. >> i do think that the other thing that i would mention is on this toxic, ordinance, we are having a public affairs meeting, a public affairs advisory committee meeting next week. and we are hoping to have both the planning and the department of public health people involved come to that meeting
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to ask, or respond to questions that some of our most prevent customers have about where the legislation is going. as of right now, as i told you originally it is to expand this kind of coastal area that the toxic supplies to now to making it city-wide. and the potential impact as far as we are concerned is that it could slow down the issue ans of building permits. of course, someone has not complied with doing soil testing and possibly water testing. if that ends up exceeding levels that dph deems appropriate or healthy for the people who may be living there. >> any way it remains under discussion and we will be having more information on this probably in the next month or two. >> i don't really have much to add on the state legislation, i
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am waiting for... to go through some of the new bills. a lot of the bills that did not get signed here in september, died, some of them may be reintroduced. it will effect our jurisdiction as well as others throughout the state and i hope to have more on that next month. >> commissioner walker? >> i think that the seismic retrofitting, i actually spoke to mr. odalini, and there are anticipating introducing this the first meeting in february. and i think that it is wonderful. i think that anybody in our department who has had anything to do with it and the seismic and the mandatory process deserves a pat on the back, this is an important thing that will help to bring the oldest buildings in the city up to
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safety code. hopefully, so, i just would like to say that any of us who can help with getting this through the city hall process, if they could at this juncture it would really help. because introduction is just one part of it. the sooner the seismic, the mandatory program gets passed and implemented better everybody. >> i agree and we are anticipating that that will be coming very soon. >> right. >> okay. >> thank you mr. strong. >> thank you. >> item 8, c. update on the permit tracking system? >> >> good morning, commissioners. just put it down. >> good morning, commissioners, canti and i am project director for the department of building inspection i would like to
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report that the project and tracking system. and the reporting period that the configuration of the analysis is going well. and the analysis is in progress, the inscription and we are reviewing that. the subject matter are reviewing the documents and provide feedback. progress has been made along the lines of the user acceptance testing where the staff are actually coming up with scenarios to write up this step by step levels scenarios on the next stage, and the scenarios would be transferred to a high level, i am sorry, the detailed test strips are going to be used for testing the system. that is where we are, so the leads and the staff are actually excited at this time to actually come up with the scenarios and in fact, they come up with the exceptions so we are actually excited for
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them. >> on the citizen access, the first meeting has been schedule for the 30th of january and at this meeting, there will be a demonstration of the features of the public portal. and also there will be a discussion on future of the advisory group. >> i might suggest that we invite someone from the grand jury who is really focused a lot of reports on our lack of technology to sit in on the group. >> it might be worth while to let them know. >> good. >> okay. >> actually, additional state quarter meetings are going to be held subsequently and they will be involved in the testing and review and feedback of the citizen portal so that is going to occur. do you have any questions on this subject? >> good job. >> okay. >> keep it moving. >> yeah. this is going to go ahead and talk about the technology project. >> yeah.
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>> so the several of them that are critical but the most critical one is the infrastructure refresh which is the improvement. the proposal was submitted two years ago to the college, which of the committee and information technology to revamp our service this is about 7 years old. and we started this process two years ago, the city export and the city on committee of technology over sees the technology projects in the city and they do and were pushing for consolidation, as a result of that, actually, we were approved to go ahead and do the refresh of the infrastructure in conjunction with the planning department as well as the human services agency. which is geographically all at the 1616 mission, so we called this a mission corridor project. so the funding has been approved, and we have funding for the refresh of the technology. the project construction work has started. this kick off